5 Key Benefits of using Headhunters

Utility: the state of being useful, profitable, or beneficial.

Utility is a term that always come to my mind when people ask me what benefits they can derive by using professionals to help them with their careers. On the surface, using a headhunter is logical as we use professionals in almost every other aspect of our lives from health to education to finance. By that measure alone, it only makes good sense to pursue the same level of professional help with, arguably, the single most important aspect of one’s life – their career. This article will cover off 5 key benefits of using head-hunters in helping you get what you deserve – the career you have always wanted!

1) Discretion 

Maybe you are interested in seeing what is out there, but you do not want to “tip your hand” and have your current employer find out that you are looking. This is a very real concern, and one you need not worry about when you work with a professional. Client confidentiality is one of the cornerstones of a quality headhunting firm, so you need not worry that your current employer will find out about your future aspirations.

2) Let a professional do all the legwork

Let’s face it – you are busy. Between family, friends, and your current job – how can you possibly dedicate the time & effort required to finding a quality career? A headhunter does all that work for you, and they know where to look.

3) Massive, connected network 

You might have a lot of connections on LinkedIn, but who you know will pale in comparison to a professional headhunter’s virtual rolodex. Not only do these professionals seek out the right people to connect with, they are also able to reach out to insiders who may not even have a social media presence. The reach they have is large and casting a wider net for your career search is always a good thing.

4) Insider Knowledge

Headhunters only focus on finding the right people for the right positions. They have built up a body of knowledge in their particular area of expertise (note: most headhunters specialize in specific industries). You can benefit from this knowledge with respect to salary expectations, working conditions, market analysis, trends, and much more.

5) Interview preparation

Now that a headhunter has helped get you to the interview stage, they can also help you with interview expectations. In many cases, headhunting firms are hired to find applicants for these positions, so they are also very aware of what you can expect during the interview phase. Since they already know a lot about you, they can now help you come up with strategies to best demonstrate your skillset, in order to make yourself more appealing to the company.

These 5 benefits are just some of the things you can expect with a good headhunting firm. Building a relationship with a headhunter can be one of the most beneficial things you can do for your career. Why not get advice from a pro? Make that call today and start down the path to the career you deserve!

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