About Lambert Nemec Group

Susan NemecLambert Nemec Group was originally founded in 2011 by Susan Nemec, FCA, FCPA, under the name A&F Nemec Recruitment, a leader in Accounting & Finance Recruitment.  In 2016, Dan Lambert joined and formed Lambert Nemec Group.  Their shared commitment to revolutionizing the recruitment landscape became the driving force behind the establishment of Lambert Nemec Group. 

Lambert Nemec Group focused on cultivating strong relationships with both candidates and clients. The company quickly gained a reputation for its personalized approach, understanding that successful recruitment goes beyond matching skills on paper—it's about connecting people with the right cultural fit. 

As Lambert Nemec Group continued to thrive, it expanded its services across various industries, becoming a go-to recruiting firm for companies seeking top-tier talent. The firm's expertise grew to encompass executive search, contract and temporary placement, talent mapping, and comprehensive workforce solutions not only in Accounting & Finance but, Information Technology, Human Resources and more.

Recognizing the transformative power of technology in the recruitment landscape, Lambert Nemec Group embraced cutting-edge tools, AI-driven processes, and remote work teams to streamline their operations. This commitment to innovation not only enhanced their efficiency but also ensured a seamless and tech-savvy experience for both candidates and clients.

Fueling its ambition to make a significant impact, Lambert Nemec Group strategically continues to expand its reach beyond borders. The firm established a network in key international hubs, allowing them to tap into diverse talent pools and serve clients with a truly global perspective.

At the core of Lambert Nemec Group's success lies a steadfast dedication to its principles. The company holds integrity, transparency, and a people-centric philosophy in high regard. The firm's ability to attract some of the most enthusiastic and skilled recruitment professionals has been instrumental in enabling clients and candidates to surpass their expectations of what a recruitment partner can achieve.

As Lambert Nemec Group continues to evolve in the ever-changing landscape of recruitment, its focus remains on anticipating industry trends and staying at the forefront of innovation. The firm is poised to continue to redefine the future of talent acquisition, guided by its unwavering commitment to excellence, integrity, and the success of every individual they connect with new opportunities