Attracting Talent: How to Compete with the Big Firms!

A quick internet search on the best places to work will reveal a host of familiar corporate titans: Google, Facebook, LinkedIn – just to name a few. Odds are good your firm doesn’t have that kind of star power or financial resources, so how can you successfully compete with these giants? This article will explore some ways you can attract talent to your company, even if you are unable to offer free afternoon yoga classes during break time!

My brand is not well known, so how do I attract qualified employees?

Figure out what makes you unique and then make sure people know about it

  • Every company (big or small) has unique attributes that differentiate it from their competitors. Getting that message out there is critical to generating interest with potential employees. This might be anything from your ethics & values to your opportunities for growth. Clearly articulating your uniqueness is key and will help attract talent that is interested in more than just a paycheque.

Become a regional brand

  • If the problem is people don’t know who you are or why they should work for you, then it is your job to get the word out. Work with local business schools, offer internships and get involved with career days at high schools, colleges and universities. These strategies will help raise awareness about your company and help to develop talent at an early age. Networking is key to getting your brand out there!

Focus on your culture

  • Boutique firms and small companies can offer things that larger corporations can’t. Most people view large companies as being “too corporate, large or uncaring”. Your small firm can offer a more personal approach, with a focus on your unique culture. Do you offer flex time, remote offices, or interesting core values that are reflected in what you do? If you do, then that information needs to get out there for people to see.

Career advancement opportunities

  • Another advantage smaller firms have is that the path to upper management tends to be more direct. Having a clear structure in place for career growth will resonate with potential hires. They might be interviewing for an entry level position today, but you want them to stay and grow with your firm tomorrow.


  • Smaller firms have the ability to be more flexible and adaptable to change, unlike larger firms. This allows your small company to be more competitive. It also makes for interesting career opportunities, which will appeal to those looking for something other than the large corporate environments.

You need good talent to survive!

Just because your firm is smaller than Amazon, does not mean you need to settle for second-best when it comes to hiring key employees. In fact, your long-term survival demands that you recruit top people to your firm. Contact us to find out more about attracting and retaining talent.

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