Demystifying the Role of a Career Counselling Service

Most of us out there have heard of career counselling services, but unless you have used one in the past, odds are good you might only have a superficial understanding of what they can do for you. This article will give some key examples of the services you can expect from a professional career counselor.

What works right now, not what worked back then

Think about what you do in your career right now. You are constantly adapting to changes in the market, trends in technology, and other factors that affect your business or area of expertise. Career counselors operate the same way, but their focus is in-depth with respect to current career hiring trends and specific market needs. What got you into your current career may have worked in the past, but times have changed and your résumé from 2010 needs an upgrade.

Assessment & Advice

You might think that you’re a good fit for a certain position, but are you? A career counselor will do a deep dive into everything you have done from education, professional development, leadership skills, specific work-based skills and much, much, more. This allows them to create a profile of you, in order to determine your exact skillset and areas that need improvement. That profile will help them to find you the best match possible for your current skillset, while also showing you what you need to work on in order to get that dream career.

Knowledge is Power

Career counselors are steeped in knowledge. Not only do they know a lot about current best practices to get a job (interview & negotiation techniques, résumé building, and more), they also know a lot about current industry trends. That knowledge can help you navigate into the right career in the right industry, and ensure you are building your knowledge and skills in the right direction.

“Dusting off” your résumé just doesn’t work in 2019, so do yourself and your career a favor and seek out a professional to help guide you through this process and maximize your employability!

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