Approach for Candidates

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At Lambert Nemec Group we believe that building a relationship and understanding the needs and objectives of our candidates is key to being successful in satisfying our clients’ hiring needs and in ensuring a long-term and rewarding career for the candidates that we partner with. We post a good portion of the active positions, but are consistently recruiting for confidential opportunities; therefore, not all active positions will be available to you if we have not been introduced.We believe that finding the perfect role is often a process, and perhaps the ideal role is not currently listed or available, but by getting to know you, we can actively search for the perfect role and be your eyes and ears ensuring that we recognize when the perfect position for you comes along.

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We invite you to confidentially upload your resume to help us create a complete picture in terms of your background and experience, and better understand your skills and experience that will be invaluable to your next employer. We are happy to provide guidance and feedback in preparing or updating your resume and available to meet and discuss at your convenience.

Getting to know you:

A resume is an excellent start in building a profile and understanding your professional skills and experience, but there is much more to you as an individual than can be summarized in two or three pages. As a result, we feel the most important part of the process is having the chance to sit down and meet you in person. This will allow us to obtain a complete understanding of your background and experience, highlight your strengths and abilities.  Most importantly it will enable us to accurately define and understand your motives and objectives for your career while ensuring we find the ideal fit for you both personally and professionally.

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At Lambert Nemec Group we view our partnership with our candidates as a long-term, progressive relationship, ideally partnering with you for the long-term as you grow and develop in your career. Many of our former candidates have become our clients, and we believe that it is important that we work together in helping guide and support you throughout your career. We know we cannot learn everything about you in one initial meeting and will continue to remain in touch during the initial stages of your career search after you find the ideal position and throughout the rest of your career.

Connecting you with our clients:

Once we find your ideal role, we will reach out to discuss the position, company and all of the relevant details to ensure you are comfortable that the position satisfies your needs and expectations. We will never present your information or resume to a client without first properly discussing the position and company with you. With your consent, we will forward your resume and profile, highlighting the relevant skills, experience, and characteristics that make you a good fit for the position, in confidence to our clients.

Once selected for an interview, we will coordinate interviews that are convenient for both you and the client, and will assist you in preparing for the interview by ensuring you have all of the resources and information necessary for a successful meeting with the client. We will follow up with you after each interview for feedback to ensure a proper fit with the company and the position, and we will provide you with feedback from the client following your meeting. If successful, we will assist you in arranging and completing references on behalf of the client.  We will guide you through the negotiation and offer process with the client and will support you with the resignation process from your current employer. Once you assume your new role, we will follow up with you regularly to ensure that you are satisfied and happy in your new position and assist and guide you with any questions going forward as you progress in your career.