Hire Talent FAQ

We work on a contingency basis, that means there is no fee owing unless you hire a candidate we present.

Lambert Nemec Group works on a contingency basis, and therefore no fees are payable unless we successfully place a candidate with your organization. As such you are free to review, screen and interview candidates without obligation until such time that you formally hire one of our candidates. Our fees vary depending on the level and complexity of the position, and fees are charged as a percentage of the first year’s annual salary.

2. What type of roles do you fill?
  • Executive Search (CEO, CFO, COO, President and Vice President level positions)
  • Director level finance and accounting positions
  • Managerial and Senior finance and accounting positions (Controller, Accounting Manager, Audit Manager, Tax Manager, Payroll Manager, Finance Manager, Manager Cost Accounting, credit manager, etc.)
  • Senior Financial Analyst, Financial Analyst, Accounting Analyst, Business Analyst, etc.
  • Corporate Development, Investment Banking, Financial Services, Investments and Securities, and Compliance
  • Operational Accounting positions (payables, receivables, intermediate accountant, bookkeeper, accounting clerk, payroll administrator, billings, collections, and credit, etc.)
  • Executive, Senior and Managerial positions in Human Resources, Technology, Financial Services, Supply Chain and Operations Management
  • Administrative and office support

At Lambert Nemec Group our goal is to make your life easier and provide you with an efficient and quality focused search process that meets and exceeds your needs and expectations. As such we will work with you to develop a timeline and map out a plan to placement that works well with your availability and schedule and allows us to find you the ideal candidate within the best possible timeframe. Length of search can depend on a number of factors including complexity and specialized nature of the role, number of interviews required, availability of decision makers for interviews and notice period required by the successful candidate. Keeping all of this in mind, LNG will work to find and place your candidate as quickly and efficiently as possible, communicating and working with you every step of the way.

Lambert Nemec Group is a highly-networked professional consulting firm with over 40 Years Recruitment Experience supporting businesses’ success in the Manitoba market. In addition, most of our team have previously held leadership and management roles in the finance and accounting industry themselves and as such can empathize with our clients’ challenges in finding and hiring the best employees. Lambert Nemec Group understands the Manitoba market having successfully partnered with hundreds of organizations with thousands of employees and maintained a stellar reputation as an industry leader in the province. Our approach is focused on providing a customized, quality based, ethical process specifically geared towards the requirements and needs of each specific role and the company. We want to take the time to understand your business and culture so that we can work as an extension of your organization in introducing you to the most qualified candidates for every position that we represent.

At LNG, the more we can understand about your company and the requirements and details of the position, the better we can identify the perfect candidate for you. A job description if you have one is a good start, but often does not adequately capture all of the benefits and positives of working for your company. We have found that sometimes companies do not take the time to develop a comprehensive outline of the requirements and responsibilities for the role or use a somewhat generic job description and as a result often attract under qualified or over qualified candidates.  We would like to meet with you to discuss the position in more detail and find out more about your organization, your team and you as a manager. We like to visit and see your company, so we have a sense of location, culture and environment, other aspects such as parking and office environment, and to learn what makes your business special and unique. We want to discuss the soft skills and personality traits that you feel would make this person successful and mesh well with the manager and the team, and overall create a clear picture of what it is like to work with you and your company so that we can successfully represent you to qualified candidates. We pride ourselves on finding a perfect long-term fit, and we believe that it is definitely worth taking the time now to accurately create a complete picture of the ideal candidate to ensure success for both the client and the candidate. We are happy to provide guidance and assistance to you in developing a job description and in preparing for interviews, and we will support and guide you through the negotiation process with the successful candidate.

LNG is often asked to conduct confidential searches for various reasons, and we pride ourselves on our professionalism and confidentiality. We understand that the Manitoba finance and accounting community is close-knit and as such privacy and confidentiality is of paramount importance. When you engage LNG we will determine in advance if your search is of a confidential nature and will approach prospective candidates as such, with enough information to properly ensure interest and fit for the role, but never providing company name , industry or other details which may suggest the name of your company, until such time as the candidate has been selected for an interview. In addition, we have professional and confidential boardrooms here at our LNG offices that are available to you if you would prefer to conduct interviews away from your office. In these cases, we will coordinate the interviews within a specific time frame and ensure complete confidentiality and separation of candidates during the interview process.

Our standard guarantee period is for 90 days following start date, and if for some reason the candidate resigns or should be terminated with cause during that period, we will provide another candidate for the same position or, in the rare case that we are unsuccessful, we will provide a 90 day pro-rata guarantee. That being said, we do realize that things happened that are often outside of the control of you and the candidate and Lambert Nemec Group is committed to establishing long-term stable relationships with our clients here in Manitoba. As such, we will always work with you to find an amicable solution on a case by case basis in the rare and unfortunate event that a candidate needs to be replaced outside of the guarantee period.

Yes, we will perform reference checks on your behalf for the candidates that we present. We will conduct a minimum of two recent supervisory references, and our reference process is quite comprehensive and catered specifically to the position and the level of the candidate. References are conducted confidentially, and we will provide you with transcripts of the completed references for the candidates.

Lambert Nemec Group wants to assist you in every way possible both in recruiting and maintaining top talent within your organization. In addition to our recruiting services LNG can also assist you in other areas including development of job descriptions and postings, salary discussions and negotiations, candidate and resume screening, preparation of employment agreements and offer letters, advice and suggestions related to referencing and interviewing of candidates, and providing market and industry information at no additional cost to our clients. We understand that sometimes employers may want to search on their own before engaging us or work in tandem with us in recruiting for positions and we are always happy to assist you with your own search efforts.