Hiring a Professional Recruiter to Help with your Contract Recruiting Needs

Many companies with Human Resource & Recruitment departments will engage a recruiting firm to help them with their staffing needs. Why? This can be an attractive option if the business requires several new hires for a particular contract, season or project.  It might also be a situation where the new hires are required to have skillsets that are not normally required by the firm or skillsets that are challenging to locate. Since the Human Resource department has to deal with potential time constraints, conflicting deadlines or a lack of specialization in a particular field, outsourcing this work to a professional recruiting firm can save time and money, as well as expediting the entire process with access to the best talent available. Here is how it works:

How is contract recruiting different from regular recruiting?

When a company hires a recruiting firm, they are typically seeking to fill permanent positions within the organization. With contract recruiting, the company is looking to fill either short-term or longer-term contracts. The recruiter typically specializes in this field (e.g. Accounting & Finance, Information Technology, Engineering, etc.), which makes them an attractive option. These specialized recruiters will have the much-needed network and experience to find the individuals you need and better understand what specific skills to look for in the first place.

Instead of having your Human Resource team go through the time-consuming process of educating themselves on the skills required to fill these contracts, they can instead work with the recruiter and leverage their network that is constantly being refreshed and maintained and let them take the lead. It’s important to ensure you first do some research on the recruiter, in order to determine if they specialize in the particular industry for which you require support. Once you have found the right recruiter, then it is time to get started.

Working with the recruiter

Defining what is needed by the company to fill the contract positions is the first step, and might include some of the following:

  • What specific skillset is required for the position(s)?
  • What type of individuals and experience they are seeking?
  • Specific details about the contract (e.g. deliverables, timelines, etc.)

The better the information you provide, the better the results.

The recruiter gets to work

Based on the detailed profile, the recruiter will now look to fill the positions you have outlined. The recruiter will save your organization time and money, since they will be sourcing and screening all of the potential candidates. Furthermore, since you are hiring someone with a very specific skillset to fill a very specific role, the onboarding and training process required to bring these individuals up to speed will be less demanding than normal – another time and money saver for your company!

Future planning with your recruiter 

Now that you have successfully used a contract recruiter to help with your project, your Human Resource team can work with the recruiter to help plan for future projects. Providing feedback about the work they just did for you and what your company is working on next can help the recruiter come up with strategies that will only improve the process going forward and allow them to be proactive if and when another similar need or project should arise.

Companies often find many benefits to hiring contract or temporary workers, and a good recruiter can be an excellent partner to support your organization and make this process work effectively. Securing top talent is a challenge for many organizations as there is fierce competition to obtain that talent.  Partnering with a recruiter that specializes in areas you require can drive the right talent towards your organization instead of your competitors.  This is one competitive edge you don’t want to miss out on!

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