Kyne Hunt


Kyne Hunt, RPR / Director Of Recruitment & Advisory

Kyne joins Lambert Nemec Group with impressive business and people leadership experience where he applied his entrepreneurial approach to enterprise dating back to 1998.  As a successful business leader, he has many achievements including Revenue Growth, NOI achievement, Asset Value growth, as well as developing and implementing accounting policy and process to name a few.

Having built large teams, in excess of 400 employees, in various environments under extremely challenging conditions Kyne takes pride in having accomplished significant improvements in employee engagement and corporate culture.  Using his broad knowledge and foresight he provides solutions for a multitude of complex business challenges in areas of operations, general management, human resources, recruitment, and customer service.

His local and oversees experience has given him a progressive view of work culture, diversity, inclusion, and an aptitude for finding the skills and talent that many may overlook. An entrepreneur at heart, Kyne uses his expertise, work-ethic, and ability to build strong and lasting relationships with everyone he encounters making him an excellent resource to clients and candidates alike.