Mario Tomberli


Mario Tomberli, RPR / Director Of Recruitment: IT & Engineering

Mario Tomberli is an Senior Consultant for Lambert Nemec Group. He has over ten years experience as a Sales Professional (B2B) in progressive roles with the proven ability to develop strong rapport with clients and deliver quality service. He has as a strong background in accounting/IT and it allows him to really provide in-depth solutions for his clients around IT recruitment services.

Over the years, Mario has managed a wide variety of projects, including Business Intelligence Software development where he worked closely with IT and Accounting professionals in developing databases and reporting tools. His versatility has translated well to recruitment, sales, software and account management. He understands first-hand what it takes to succeed in a wide range of roles.

A naturally analytical individual, Mario’s forensic take on problem solving allows him to methodically analyze his clients’ needs and provide a high level of service. Placing a significant emphasis on account management, Mario ensures he understands at a granular level the challenges his clients face with the challenges of permanent and contract IT recruitment to insure long term success. In order to provide the highest level of service, he takes the time to go past basic discussions to find the best match for organizations and individuals.